Dear Zita,

I am 40 years old. I broke up with my ex eight years ago. That relationship was not healthy. It had been dragged for six years and eventually we just walk our own ways without saying goodbye. To make it easier: we lived in different countries. I met a few other girls from other countries, however, long-distance relationship was difficult.

I was 32 and naturally, my attention was drawn toward my career. I put everything

behind and concentrated on my work. I was even confident with myself. With help, I run a small business.

One day I met a young lady who is a piano teacher. She is beautiful and very elegant. I must admit that I was drawn by her gorgeous appearance at first. I knew she had a boy friend. However, things started to change. She appeared more often than I expected and I could sense the subtle signals. To tell the truth, I am really a beginner at handling relationships and especially with H.K. girls.

I had a weird feeling that something was not right. One day I introduced myself. I have never met any woman who made me so nervious (nervous), my heart pounded like a drum with deafening noise. I became really nervous. I asked her out, but she declined.

Somehow that incident offended her and she avoided me ever since. I was really upset and didn't know what to do. My nervousness didn't stop: for three months straight, both my left and right eye lids would twitch involuntarity. I don't have anyone to talk to, my "friends" are business associates. I didn't even had a chance to contact her. She is the kind of quiet lady that always hide herself inside a small piano room.

Three months after that, she was back with her boy friend again. That weird feeling reminded me that I was trying to steal a girl from someone else. My mind was filled with despair and questions without answer. Still, if I had a chance I would thank her because I can understand a little bit more about myself and my weaknesses.

Two years passed, I met another girl. She isn't as young and not the least beautiful. However, she is more out-going and she is the kind of girl who would greet you in the morning with kindness. I have found her more and more attractive day after day. I felt very relax and open despite of the pressure from work whenever I meet her.

There is just one tiny little problem: she doesn't seems to be available. I really don't want to miss this opportunity since finding someone with that kind of quality is remote to a man of 40.

Please give me some advice: I really have no-one to turn to.





首先,你要知道她的喜好、理想、喜歡的男性類型,然後進攻她。先取她的 email 吧,在網上談談心,大家投契的話,要有下一步就容易。