Hi Zita,

I am so confused
and I am afraid I will be even worst. I knew a guy during my working
trip last year. He is my colleague, we didn't know each other before
this trip, he showed his gentleness during the trip to me, but I advised
myself I couldn't take serious to this boy easily.

After we back
to H.K., he kept in touch with me constantly, and sent me a birthday
gift, it was my first time to receive a birthday gift from a man, my
heart was sweet from his gift and his honey-mouthed. One day, my boss
whispered me and said "don't play with this boy." I didn't
realize the meaning of my boss, and still kept in touch with that boy,
he told me every secret about his emotion, and I helped him to chase
back his ex-girlfriend which he regarded as "sister". Was
I so stupid?

Once, I felt dizzy,
he phoned me and came to me quickly for sending me to hospital, when
we were waiting to meet the doctor outside the sickroom, he turned my
head to his chest, and he caught my hand on the way of going to hospital
and backing home. I thought that my heart was really stolen by him and
I was falling in love with him gradually. He tried hard to do anything
to steal my heart.

But not more than 2 weeks, a new female colleague has joined my company.
Obviously, she is better than me by any mean. One night, she and I had
a drink at club with other 3 male colleagues, during the drink, the
girl sitted (sat) next to my boyfriend, what an embarrassing condition
for me, I wanted to find a hole to hide myself. Till the time we went
home, my boyfriend wanted to send her and I to go back home, but the
girl asked my boyfriend to send her back firstly than send me later,
and my boyfriend obelied this crap.

Afterwards, this girl ran to my boyfriend, my heart was really broken,
really!! I said to my boyfriend "please ignore me if you run to
that girl, I don't care you runaway but I care you lie on me, is that
clear?" After I declared my stance, next day, he met me at our
company annual dinner, he sitted (sat) with that girl and viewed me
as invisible, and then he viewed me as a stranger and tell others that
he didn't know me at all, I have tried to talk with him, but it was
not successful, because he had completely ignored me for at least 4

Recently, he talks to
me activetly (actively), but only in social talk, such as hi and bye.
Now, I really don't know what is the way I treat him is the most poper
(proper) way? Have he treated me as his girlfriend for only one second?
Have you (he) truly loved me? Please help.



Dear Serenity︰