Dear Zita,

I have been single for almost
two years now. Recently, I ran into a guy who I have known for about
three years, he is a sweet guy and my feelings towards him is pretty
good. About two weeks ago, we started dating and he told me he started
noticing me ever since the first time we met. He said he had tried to

friends for my phone numbers,
but he found out I had a boyfriend, so he didn't bother to do much.

Maybe it's because I've been single for awhile, as soon as we started
dating, everything just sparkled and we rushed into things. After we
spent a night together last weekend, he treats me even better. However,
I feel totally opposite way myself. I first thought when physical things
involved, girls should be more attached to the boyfriend. I don't feel
that way, in fact, my feelings towards him becomes less. I can't really
figure why? We actually had a good time that night, and things should
go odd like this? Is there something wrong with me?

Last night, when we hung out with friends, he had done something made
me really mad. Although I think it was not appropriate at all, I shouldn't
be so mad and left right away. He called more than 10 times last night,
I didn't answer any of them. Now I start to think twice whether I should
stay with him, because I've found that I don't love him.

Zita, I'm usually not like this. I am pretty careful in choosing my
boyfriend. But this time, I feel so stupid and helpless. I am not regret,
but I am just confuse! What am I doing? Should I stop talking to him?
Please help!



Dear Colleen︰