Dear Zita,

I am 26 years old and I have
a boyfriend for over 5 years. I feel so good in these years. I always
think that he is the best boyfriend and he must be my husband in future.
He has planned to marry on the coming years.

But in these recent few months, I

think we become boring and
both of us are too busy, so I suggest not meet too much. We haven't
contact each other few days before Mid-Autumn Festival. But on Sat,
he arrived my home and I found he is different and sad and collapse
in emotion. He said that he has think a lot in these days and he found
that he was not happy with me in these years and he just discovered.
He can only remember the sad memory between our relationship.

I know I am a bad temper girl and my EQ is quite low. Sometimes I treated
him not so good due to some minor problems. He adapted to me and he
never said that he was unhappy and he looked not mind. He said that
he has given up many rules and himself in order to follow my rules.
I said that he always need to take care me just like my father, but
I never try to concern his feeling and never listen to his opinion but
request him to follow my suggestions. He said he needs someone to love
her, but I seldom do it.

I am shocked and sad at that moment. I really love him but I don't know
why he cannot feel it. He said he doesn't want to imagine our future.
When he thinks about our future, he can only find out the bad memory.
I am really sad. I found my position in his heart fall down suddenly.
He is so cool when he talked with me, just like discussing other couples'
matters. He said that I need to know how to be a good gf. He didn't
understand why himself will change suddenly, maybe it is only an exposure
from the pressure for 5 years. He suggested not to contact and meet
until Christmas and let both of us to think about what can we do under
this situation.

Zita, what can I do in these few months and future to help in this relationship?
Will he break up with me in Dec? If I change myself, is it useful for
this relationship? I am afraid that our relationship cannot go back
as before!

Thank you for you to look this letter. I hope you can give me some suggestions!


Dear PP︰