Dear Zita,

I have written to you before
and I really appreciate your views towards love affairs. I hope you
can once again guide me through your brilliant idea. It is like this:

I know my good friend and I currently like the same girl. I think he
knows the same too but neither of us disagrees on it. I am thinking
of 2 possible situations here:

1. I will not do anything and let the girl chooses...if that's the case,
then I'm afraid I'll lose to him as I'll regret myself for not doing
anything at all.

2. I tell my friend I like her and see what's his reaction. If he gives
up on her, then maybe it's the best idea. But I might lose him as a

3. I tell my friend I like her, but the girl might choose neither of
us cos she is afraid that we might hurt our friendship towards each
other as 3 of us are originally good friends.

So, now, I'm confused. I dunno what should I do. I wanna have both (love
and friendship), but I know maybe life is not possible to have it. If
so, what might be the best thing to do in this situation? Can you give
me any advice on this?



Dear Michel︰