Dear Zita,

Hi, Zita. I was the first time
in sending and asking your opinion here. Hope your opinion can help
me to solve my present problems.

Now, I have a boyfriend, we together nearly 2 years, but actually I
found that "He" is not the type I wish to marry, as recently
he has mentioned

about our marriage. He planned
to marry me for the next year, initially I feel surprised, sure a little
bit happy is involved. But after thinking, I found his force in doing
that is related to his mother. He is a good son, always listen to his
parents, whatever it is right or wrong, he pay much attention to his
parents and his younger brothers, sometimes I found that I'm minor in
his heart. He rare listen my opinion, just only say yes randomly. Without
doubt, he already agreed that parents are very important in his heart.
They are the first priority whatever I am her wife in future, I can
get it.

To such thing, how can I imagine if I argue something with his mother,
he stand for which side? It is right to respect parents as being a son,
but seems he always carry his mother in his mouth in eating dinner or
anything else with his parents, but he never think sometimes I want
only with him of that! Sometimes he ignore my feeling when triggering
my mood by minor issue, he always use "right or wrong" to
justify am I wrong or right, He don't know I want his words in pacify
my anger. Neglect any theory I am preferred!

But poor that is I found that I already have a good feeling to another
guy. Actually I just know him through ICQ. He know my face and I know
his face too as we exchange our photo. But he is very talkative with
me. When I shared my BF"s issue with him, he say why don't U separate
with such kind of boy as too bad in treating U. He teached (taught)
me other means to backed up my weakness in dealing with him. I know
this ICQ friend for 2 years but he has back to somewhere for study,
thus we no contact for a period of time, but yesterday he give me a
call, very surprisingly. He already backed HK, the 2nd one is me in
calling. We have chatted through phone for 2 hours, very comfort in
talking with him as he is so matching of our topic. His opinion in looking
thinks are same as me.

Actually, I know I just get his good side through phone only, we don't
have real time in dealing with each others. Also, I don't know he like
me or not, but with him is better feeling then my present BF. Actually
I know he quite pay attention to me, when he goes elsewhere or being
left HK, he should call me as well. When he is in foreign country, he
also try means in calling me. This moment, I want to know he also have
good feeling like me as well? This week, we have appointment in somewhere
too. We really will face to face, I afraid the result, but really want
to express myself that I like him...Am I need to tell my BF of meeting
a guy in ICQ? How can I do between this two guys?

Maybe I am so unstable in my present situation, but hope U can help

Kelly C.C.

Dear Kelly C.C.︰