Dear Zita,

I have been together with my
bf for 10 months now. He's currently working in Shanghai (will probably
be back end-October this year) and we only see each other once every
1-2 months.

To be honest, there's no problem with the long-distance because I am

independent. I only wanna make
sure he still loves and cares about me. He rarely calls me because it
would cost me nothing if I rather call him in Shanghai.

I know he has tones of pressure on his job and it's difficult for him
to put aside his problems and focus more on me. To a certain extent,
I think he's quite cruel because he never calls me and even when we
talk on the phone, he does not has the motive to talk long with me given
that we only talk about once every week. I mean, I really think he does
not miss me a bit.

I don't want to quit on him because I still wanna try my best to maintain
this relationship. He's not that kind of 'flower heart' guy and I regard
him as the 'future husband' type of guy. Although I cannot reveal everything
here, to make the long story short, what should I do?

Thanks in advance for your advice!


Dear Soleil︰