Dear Zita,

I have been married for 8yrs,
have two children and my husband treats me very good. Now I'm 36yrs

20yrs ago I've a bf, he loved me very deep. But after 4yrs, we separated
(not because of third party). And then after a few years I got married,
later he also. But during these years I

feel I'm not very love my husband
because I always thinking about ex-bf.

Recently I received his call, we know we still love each other very
deeply and always thinking each other. He said if he can chose again
he still chose me and he loves me more than his wife. But now our situation
is not allow us come together. Because each of us have family. We just
only have lunch and phone conversation (we didn't have any sex). Both
of us feel very happy because we can keep as best friend and he can
do anything for me. But he always tell me when he see me, his heart
very sour. Of course me too.

Zita, is it usually a woman marry a man, who is not the most love one?.
Do you think should I still keep this normal relation with ex-bf? I
think if we still keep in touch, it will have some infection to my family.
But I really don't want to give up any occasion for seeing him. How
can I do? Can you teach me?



Dear Yoyo︰