Hi Zita,

I have some problem with my
bf, hope you can give me some advice.

I have been together with him for 1 year, normally we are very happy
together, and he treat me very good. But our temper is realy (really)
bad, I always get bad temper easily, and he will get temper also once
I get. So we

always quarrel a lot and he
will say many things to hurt me. Eg, we have no future etc. He said
he feel exhausted for quarrel. And he said he may leave me suddenly
one day.

I feel really hurt with what he said to me, although I know he love
me very much. As I want to marry with him, I want a bf to develop future

I just wonder if he really love the real me, or just the one fulfill
his requirement. Do you think I have to change myself to fit him, should
I do that cos of love him?

I afraid a unstable relationship and I loss confident in him, my emotion
has been distrubted (disturbed) by him much and I feel I can't function
well in work and daily life. Should I continue to together with him?
How to solve or improve our relationship.


Dear Kitty︰