Hi Zita,

I have a question. Hope you
can help me.

I have some feeling towards my friend. We usually having dinner and
also send message to each other. He knows my other friends but he only
go out with me. I didn't take any action to let him know my feeling.

sometimes ask me to go out with
his friends. His family even laughs at us. May be they think we are

In my stage, I think my career is most important because I am still
twenty something. I pay much effort on it. I want to learn more to upgrade
myself. Besides my career, I am studying my master degree that I don't
want to pay too much attention on love affair. Sometimes worry is worthless.
Also, we are both independent people. He is active and mature. I may
not the only one he always meets I think. I don't want to ask him for
anything. Just let things flow.

I tell myself everything depends on "yuen fan". Of course
I want we are developing our relationship. But I can't prevent if he
fall in love with other girls. What do you think? Thank you so much!


Dear Elva︰