Dear Zita,

I have this question in mind
which is kind of general, but I hope you will be able to help me out.

There is this popular girl which I like, the reason why I call her a
popular girl is that she is pretty and out-going and can have a lot
of guy friends very easily. At the mean time, she already

has a few people which is after her disincluding myself.

However, I believe I've got the qualities over the other guys and I have
the confidence which she might prefer me than other people. However, the
problem is that I will be away and not be seeing her in the coming 8 months
as I need to go overseas. I have actually been away for 5 months already
and I've observed since my absence during this time (although I still
call her and send her emails occasionally), we have grown apart by a little
amount already.

Okay, here's the question I wanted to ask: how can a guy make himself
special to these kind of "popular girl"? Do you think I still
stand a chance after the coming 8 months (she has mentioned that she doesn't
want bfs yet during this time as she wanna concentrate on his studies)?
Should I tell her how I feel about her before my departure and would that
make things better or worse?

Sorry, a lot of questions at the same time and this are kind of urgent.
I would be glad if you can answer my question as soon as possible!

Thanks very much!


Dear Madi︰