Dear Zita,

Hi, this is my first time writing
to you. I have been reading your articles for a long time and I find
them very interesting. I have a problem which I cannot solve and I hope
that you can give me some advice about it.

I broke up with my ex for about four months. Although I'm over it by

seems to be a problem. Recently, I found out from a friend that he and
my best friend became sex partners after we broke up. When we were together
I had always suspected that there was something going on between them,
but I didn't think much, because one was my best friend, and the other
was my boyfriend.

I am very confused about what to do. She knows that I loved him alot.
But why would she do such a thing to me? Should I talk it over with my
friend or keep it a secret? I don't want to lose my friend but I feel
that I am betrayed by the things that she has done. What should I do?


Puzzled and Betrayed

Dear Puzzled and Betrayed︰



不要與他們對質,因為你已無權,你與他分了手。看長遠一點吧,如果他們由sex partner變成有愛意的戀人,你只好原諒他們。原來緣份是屬於他們的。