Dear Zita,

I am 35 now and have a boyfriend
for 5 years. Since I am not young now and we have together for 5 years,
both of our parents and our friends pushing us to get married. Recently,
I am confused and keep asking myself that should I get married with

He is a guy younger than me 2 years,

he is nice but passive, do
not have any planning and reluctant to stuy (plan) for future. We always
have dispute and agure (argue) whenever we see each other. Even we are
together 5 years, but we are not close. I found him as my playmate rather
than boyfriend because he cannot help me in any aspect. His education,
his salary, his family background and his connection are poorer than
me, I worried that once I get married with him, I must take the most
of the expenses of the family, I really feel pressure.

The most important point is that I don't love him now. (thre (we) do
not have any third party). Zita, if I don't love him, but he is a nice
guy, should I get married with him? If I don't get married with him,
I am afraid he will be crazy and I also worried that I am unable to
find another guy, because I am not young now.

Zita, do you think the feeling of love will come back if I get married
with him? Please...give me some advice. Thanks a lot.

Best regards,


Dear Scott: