Dearest Zita,

I love to read your reply is
very meaningful, but anyway I don't waste your time.

I am 23 year old now, I was back from Canada last summer and I was broke
up with my 8 years boyfriend due to the long-distance, he is not mature,
no feeling, family problems

etc...(This is my first love,
so I am lack of love experience.)

But within this year (after we have break up) I can't find and even
meet a guy which will treat me serious in HK. Is it the culture different?
The guys in Canada are more true, loyal and down to earth. I have no
idea why most of the guys in HK love to play game. OR is 緣份 hasn't come
yet during my case?

I also want to ask I have met a lot of guys within this year. (about
10 guys they all are having different age and academic background, some
also professional.) But I find myself don't know how differentiate the
guy is true love or playing game. Moreover, I don't know how to choose
a guy. I know that I need a mature, reliable, a good guy, but may be
due to my career I can't meet a guy like such. Is it just trust timing
and 緣份, and take it easy? Please teach me how to feel and test a true
guy? (Is it just choose the one that love me more than I do? But ironically
speaking is difficult to love a person which he loves me but I don't
really loves him.)

Your audience always,

Leng Leng

Dear Leng Leng︰