Dear Zita,

I'm 18. Half an year ago, I
knew a western guy who is 27 from the net, and we met out for sex, and
I gave my virginity to him. Now we have already met more than 10 times,
but everytime is for sex only.

In the very beginning, I was just playing and wanted to have some fun,

but as times goes by, I found
myself very deep into him. I wrote an email telling him that I am very
confused about my feelings for him, that I didn't know I really love
him or I just wanted him for sex, but now I know that I am really loving

After he got the mail, he didn't reply anything, he just called me and
told me he wanted to have sex with me. Then we met afterwards but I
didn't ask him what he thinks about our relationship though I know what
he wants from me is sex only, but I am just too deep. I still want to
see him, should I ask him face to face that what he thinks about the
relationship or I should just stop loving him and forget him?

Thank you very much.


Dear Cry ︰


他當然不會回答你的問題,事關,他say no之後,你就會以後不見他。say yes的話,你又會來硬迫他與你拍拖。