Dear Zita,

Hi, Zita. How are you?

I am 23. I have a boyfriend who is two years younger than I am. We have
been together for over three years. He loves me a lot and treats me
very well. The problem that pops up my head once a while and makes me
feel like I can't stand him is that he is

stupid. I really don't want
to say that but he really is.

The way he treats people are stupid. I always tell him that you would
do this instead of that to make you look better in front of people.
Soemtime (Sometimes) he would listen but sometime he doesn't. I know
different people have different way to deal with people but his way
is just stupid sometime.

The way he handle problems is stupid. I can say that he doesn't know
how to handle problems when they come up. I am always the one to handle
it. The way he talks is so childish. I don't want my family to talk
to him because I don't want them to discover that. He doesn't even know
what to say to the credit card customer service representatives when
they charged him incorrectly. He asks me to tell him how to say it once,
he writes the whole sentences down on a piece of paper and just repeat
it on the phone. I know English is a problem for him but I asked him
to say it once to me in Chinese and I will reorganize it with him in
English. He still said he didn't even know how to say it in Chinese.

He came to the US from H.K. when he was 11, and I came here from Canton
when I was 16. My English is even better than his. I don't even want
to count this in it. I would just think that he is not good in language.
Ha…I don't know. I don't know what I should do. I know he is not gonna
change to be smarter as he age because his parents are just as stupid
as he is. He got all those from his parents.

Zita, what do you think? He treats me so well wor. He doesn't go anywhere
without me wor. He cooks lunch for me everyday wor. (I work full time
he works part time and he is a full time student). I don't know. I just
want to talk to someone about this since I don't want to talk to my
friend or my family about this because they would look him down. The
fact some of them already did. Some people say, "Smart girls tend
to find dumb men." I would rather be a dumb girl who can have a
smart man to take care of.

Love Always!

Smart Girl

Dear Smart Girl︰