Dear Zita,

A fortune teller who always
predicts anything and tells the past very accurately. He said I can
only be with my boyfriend for mostly 2 years. My boyfriend doesn't know
it at all. In fact, we've been together only for months and we found
some problems in communication. We are trying to adjust.

He told me that sometimes he worries we may not be able to continue
soon because of our very different personalities, but we love each other
much. He said we, after some time, may probably have sex relationship
in the future and if we unfortunately break up, I will be very heartbroken
since this is my first love and he knows I'm still a virgin. We have
some argument recently and are now in a calm-down period. We both don't
know if we should continue.

I know if we try again, we may be able to improve the current situation.
However, the fortune teller's words always pull me down. And I do afraid
that we cannot continue even we can pass the test now. If so, and if
I really have sex with him in the future, of course I'd rather to keep
my virgin body. And more, I don't know if it will waste our time if
we continue and break up after 2 years, because I know who he looks
for is a wife.

I really worry. If we choose to continue, should I ask him to wait for
at least 2 years for having sex, so that I can approximately feel it
is stable then?

Or, what should I do, Zita?

Best regards,


Dear Mimi︰