Dear Zita,

I like reading your column
and hope that you can help me.

I am really confused and frustrated in these two months.

I have been married for three and half years. During this period, we
always have arguments from time to time.

Usually, I am the one that
surrender first. However, I found myself that I cannot tolerate his
temper anymore. I am the kind of person that want to settle everything
clear and fast, but he is the other extreme. I am thinking of divorce
from time to time but did not really proceed.

One month ago, we have another
big argument again. From that day to now, we did not talk to each other
(only send e-mail if needed). One night, I felt down from the bed. I
hurt my elbow and wrist, crying loudly but he did not even take a look
on me. I felt very upset because he did not care about me at all.

All of arguments are caused by something very minor (I even cannot remember
the reason). He is just too stubborn and need 'face'. I tried to openly
discuss with him after each fight but he did not really want to talk
with me. Should I divorce?

Besides, I met a man about one and a half month. He gave me a very sweet
and warm feeling and he likes me so much. I told him that I am married,
he said he doesn't mind but want to keep the friendship with me. Since
he is not living in Hong Kong, we only talked through the phone occasionally.

We met each other again two weeks ago in Hong Kong, he knew that I was
not happy about my marriage and asked me if I ever consider to divorce.
He would love to raise a family with me. Frankly speaking, I don't really
love him but love the feel that he gave me. I know very little about
his background and cannot really tell he is a bad or good guy. Just
know that he is a very busy business man with one son (he told me he
is single). Should I keep the relationship with him?


Frustrated lady

Dear Frustrated lady︰