Hi Zita,

Zita, after reading the story
about煩惱人and I have similar experiences. In my case, he always stares
at me openly in the working place, he loves approaching me and creating
strange tropics to talk to me. This situation exists for over a year
and till now, I am very cool to him as I don't want to develop office
love affairs (as his

position here is very senior
and I feel stressful if I stay with him).

His act sometimes make me very embrass (embarrass) and I really want
to clarify everything with him in person but my colleagues stop me as
they think it is better for me to pretend don't know anything and keep
a distance with him as they scare he will take reverage (revenge).

Zita, time passed and I also settle my passion towards him. I think
it is time for me to settle this issue. I want to make clarification
(if he likes me, ok, pls behave yourself and if you want to tell me
you appreciate me, ok, pls tell me in person and I feel stressful with
the rumours (rumor) and gossips he created, if he tell me there is just
only a misunderstanding…wow, I am relieved).

Zita, what will you suggest me?



Dear GP︰