Dear Zita,

We know each other from the
marriage agent and we have been going out for 2 times. I think we both
have good feelings towards each other. He is about 33 yrs old and he
is a very busy guy (with his work). I'm 27 and have not yet "pak
tor" before.

It seems so good that I can meet a

guy like him with such high
quality. Before the Easter holidays, he asked me to go out with him
during one of 4 Easter holidays and I said "OK". However,
I did not receive any call from him during the holidays and I thought
he might be too busy with his work. So I did not call him as I do not
want to give him pressure about the relationship.

After the holidays, he gave me a call again and asked me to go out this
Sat. I said "OK" but then I asked if he was very busy with
his work during the holidays. Then he said he went to Shenzeh (Shenzhen)
with his friends during the holidays.

I'm said (sad) and unhappy. I don't mind he choose to go out with his
friends instead of me. However, I don't like he did not tell me so during/on
the holidays because he had asked me to go out but turned out "disappear"
during the holidays.

I don't like this kind of behaviour (behavior) and I'm afraid he may
do this again. However, I don't want to blame on him as this may spoil
our relationship. What should I do?



Dear Eva︰