Dear Zita,

I have some problems that makes
me confuse. Plz help me.

Last year, I met a guy through icq. He lives in Canada and he will come
back to Hong Kong every year. We like to talk with each other. So after
a few months, we fell in love.

Last Christmas, he came back
to HK, he asked me to come to see him but I didn't go to see him, I
didn't know why. Maybe I was afraid. Later he went back to Canada and
we usually chatted with each other. In this Valentine's day, he said
that he would phone me, but he didn't phone me. I asked him why, he
told me that he was busy. At that time, I was so unhappy. After that,
he always says he loves me and wants to see me. Should I wait him and
see him? Zita.

Recently, someone chases me and I knew him through my friend. Should
I accept this guy? I m afraid I will lose this chance.

Wish you always be happy!


Dear Yama︰