Dear Zita,

I am currently a university
student studying in the UK. I have been interested in a boy for almost
a year who works for a restaurant in HK which I and my family get there
for meal quite often when I am back to HK for holidays.

I aware that he often stared at me

behind the corner when I was
having meal with my family everytime I was there. You know as girls
we are very concious of other people's attention (esp.boys). My response
was always like I did not recognize it and carried on talking with my

In some occasions, I would
give him a smile in return when we both caught each other's eyes. It
has been quite difficult for us to actually talk to each others because
on the one hand, he was busy most of the time; and on the other, I was
with my family everytime I went there. I really wanted to start the
conversation with him, as a beginning for us, but the situation did
not seem to be that easy for me. It will be very obvious if I came up
to him in the first place in the restaurant.

I tried to write him messages on a small piece of memo paper indicating
that I wanted to be friend with him but I just could not find an appropriate
time to give him. Also, I was a bit shy to do so as all his colleaques
and boss ncluding himself know my parents. I was scare that others would
know about it.

He is different to other chasers of mine, I cannot really tell the way
that he is "superior" by words, it is sort of the feeling
stuff. I know it does not make sense to say I am in love with him at
this stage, it is far too early to say so I know. I just do not want
to lose this chance.

Anyway, Zita, would you give me some advices on how to deal with the
above situation? I do not even sure whether he has interest on me. What
concerns me the most at the moment is how to kick start our relationship
as I am going back HK this summer. I am afraid that his feeling for
me (I suppose he has) will gone if I do not do anything about it.



Dear Zoie︰