Hi Zita,

This is the first time that
I wrote to you after a year of reading your articles.

I would like to seek your advice for my love situation. I broke up with
my boyfriend for almost a year, and I still love and miss him very much.
After broke up, he never contact me, but I

can't help keep contacting
him, and he always expressed his disguisting (disgusting) and unhappiness
of my finding him (because he thinks that I am very troublesome, as
everytime I called him, I cried and forced him to tell me whether he
is dating with another girl, and forced him to be together again).

This struggling is already around for one year, and recently he told
me that the reason he separated with me is not because he doesn't love
me or because of a 3rd person (and I know that he doesn't have any girlfriend
now), and he told me that he loves me very much while we were together
and he loves me very much too even when he asked for break up, but finally,
he discovered that he can't love me anymore as my personality is not
good to him (as I always threatened him, and he is exhausted).

Now, I realized that I was fault in the past as I am not mature, and
he actually is too good to me in the past and he is my dream man. I
would like to know how can I be together with him again? (and I believed
that I can treat him very good and I can change to fit his needs if
he can give me a chance, however, he said he doesn't have the confidence
on me anymore). I really want to be with him again. Please give me some



Dear JJ︰