Should I give up first – 覆HB


Hello Zita,

I have been going with my married
boyfriend for 2 and half years already. We fell in love just 3 months
before he got married. I let him get marry because he said that he had
made his promise. But, as time passed, we still got together.

I started to get nervous, because he

treats me so kindly and can
give me most of the time on me, even in weekend. His wife doesn't complain
on him and let him go out. I urged to get divorce with her. But, he
never can tell the truth since he doesn't want to hurt her. He said
he can only leave if she do something wrong or if she can accept divorce,
otherwise he can do nothing on her. Just he can company me and treats
me kind.

I feel very sad, why he can ignore her but not divorce with her. The
deadline that I gave to him will come soon, I want to wait for longer,
but…the feeling is so bad, my family urge me to find a boyfriend (since
I am cheating my family that I have no bf now).


Dear HB︰