Long-distance – 覆PC


Dear Zita,

I really enjoy your column
and the advice given are both very good and very sensible. Now I would
like to ask for you help with my problem.

I have been friends with a guy for over 1 year and we are quite close
in our friendship. He is very nice to me and usually talk on the phone
ever couple

of days. He has expressed interest
in me before but I rejected him once already.

But as time goes by, I have grown to love him. He has been my best friend
and confidante. I have told him a little while ago that I do like him
and always have but he was silent over this issue and we have never
discussed it either. We continue as before and pretend it did not happen.
One of the reason why I rejected him before was because I will leaving
HK to continue my studies in the United States within that year and
do not believe in long distance relationships.

This has not changed but my plans were postponed one year and I will
be leaving this September for the United States. I feel like I have
wasted all this time and I have regretted my decision to reject him.

What I am asking is what should I do? Should I give up and pretend I
have said nothing? Or should I ask him directly what he thinks? However,
I will not be back in HK permanently for at least 2 to 3 years time.

Your's Truly,


Dear PC︰