Confusing relationship – 覆Angela


Dear Zita,

Please give me some opinions
since I've been suffering about this for more than one year already.

Actually I knew him back in December 2000 when I went back to Hong Kong
during Christmas Break. (I study in the US). The first I was back, I
met him. He was back there

just for vacation also. He
study in Australia. We then went out a lot and at the first few weeks
he wanted to date me. On the last week, he had a sudden change, makes
me feel that he only wants to be friends with me. Still he treated me
very nice and with care.

After I got back to the US, I told him I like him, and before I got
back, I gave him a letter, and inside the letter, I told him I only
want to know what he thinks of me, and I also told him I have feelings
on him. After I got back to the US and I called him, and asked him for
an answer, he rejected me and say that he didn't want to have long distance
relationship, since he couldn't take care of me, etc.

I know what he meant, it's just that we're too far away, and we're still
young at that time. We were like 20 at that time. Although he rejected
me, we always keep in contact, and sometimes I forced myself not to
call him, and he called me then, and ask me to go back to Hong Kong
Dec 2001 just to see him. Of course I went back to HK again, just to
see him.

After I booked the ticket and motel, he told me he wanted to find a
job (he worked there for a month when I was back to HK). Because of
that, we didn't really have time to meet each other. We only went out
and had fun for one time (which was the last day when I was in HK),
and there were times we went to chat in coffee shop. The last day I
went out with him, he kind of treat me like a "special friend",
someone more than just a friend.

Overall, I only saw him like five times when I was back in HK for a
month. I was very disappointed because of that, because I knew his family
isn't poor, and he's financially stable, so at that time I think that
he wanted to find a job was to avoid me (But he told me that the reason
he worked in HK was because he didn't want to spend his mom's money

After I got back to the US, I decided not to find him, since I think
he already gave me the answer. Then he called me often and asked me
about my life, and so forth. Also, he online a lot after he got back
to Australia, and we always icq.

March 11 was my birthday, and he called me and say Happy Birthday, and
we talked a lot on phone. I knew he had feelings on me, just that he's
too afraid to start this long distance relationship. He asked me are
there any cute boys in my new school (obviously), and asked me opinions
about certain situation of love relationship. I asked him if he has
a girlfriend, and he said no, very bored in Australia, and told me to
call him more, wants to hear my voice, etc. I can tell u that he's not
a playing boy, he's very serious in love relationships. He treated his
ex girlfriend very very good back then.

Now my question, what should I do? I really really tried my best to
forget this person, but there are a lot of times he suddenly pops in
my mind, and I dreamed about him after I got back to the US. I purposely
don't call him, don't email him, don't contact him. I done everything.
What can I do? I mean that I want to be with him, but are there anything
I can do in order to have him give me an answer again?

Since I knew that he still have some feelings on me. If he ask me to
go back to HK this year, what can I do? I'm very confusing, can u please
give me some opinions? I can tell u that I really really like him, just
that now he treats me like a "special friend"...didn't want
to start this relationship. What makes him want to begin with me, or
what can I do to have him realize what he wants of me (just as a friend
or girlfriend in the future) my friends told me that he wants to "dum"
my time.


Dear Angela ︰