Hi Zita,

I enjoy a lot reading your
column. However, I never imagine that I would actually write to you!

I am confused right now. Me and my boy friend broke up in October of
last year, I didn't get it cleared until December that we are really
finished. For the next month or so, I have been

trying to forget him the best
I can. I thought I did it, but I just can't stop thinking about him
once he gave me call one of those days.

I heard from one of my friend that he may be going out with a girl and
I found out that the girl may be just going after his money and she
does have a boyfriend for years. She complained to my friend before
she met my ex about how much more she makes than her boyfriend. I also
found out that my ex was a target for this girl for a long time because
she was constantly checking on the status between me and my ex when
we were still together.

I asked my ex if he is going out with this girl. He replied to me that
they are hanging out (to check on each other) and that the girl told
him she broke up with the boyfriend. Well, I mentioned the fact that
she is still with her boyfriend but I didn't want to say too many bad
things about her because it may seem as if I am just jealous of her.

I am just saying it because he is a good guy and I care for him as a
good friend. Zita, what you think I should do? How can I get the message
to him without him doubting my intention? I mean I don't want any of
my friends get hurt and I will feel bad if I know about it all along.

Meanwhile, I am trying really hard to "delete" him out my
memory because
I am sure that this girl is going to keep a tight watch on him!

I am sorry for writing such a long letter but I hope you can reply this
soon. Thanks!


Dear Confused︰