Hello Zita,

Been reading a lot of writings,
here I have a question about my relationship I'd like to ask you about.
Hope you can help me out here!

I've been with my bf for more than 2 years now. I do love him and I
know he loves me too. Since we've been together for awhile, we are no

seeing each other as often
as our rossy period which I understand.

My bf is the kind of guy needing a lot of his personal time. So if he's
telling me he got plan with his friends and can't accompany me, I will
go make plans with my friends instead. He usually will give me a call
during the day telling me he's doing things with his friends after work,
and saying he may give me a call or something afterwards. But usually
he will forget about it all. It is not his habit calling up without
any purpose. He usually calls me with something to tell me; or else
he won't call. But I know some of my gf's bf will usually call them
up and chat.

I don't know if I should tell him about it. But I'm afraid if I'm asking
for too much. He treats me good when we're together. But just one little
thing that he doesn't give me call when he's back home or simply before
bed makes me upset!

Actually he usually didn't give me any call if he got nothing to tell
me about before, so I asked him if we can have some sort of communications
during the day or at least he should give me a call telling me when
he's going after work. Since he realized my need, so now he gives me
a call every day (but sometimes he skips a day or two). But if he doesn't
do so, I will get upset and start thinking about if he doesn't love
me anymore or if there're things that he want to hide from me!

But when we see each other in person, he treats me nice and good. So
Zita, I don't know if it's normal for my bf, or I should tell him about
it again? I don't want to tell him in a way that I'm complaining again
cos I know he's trying hard doing his part in the relationship.

Thanks for your time! Hope to hear from you soon!


Dear Tiffany︰