What should I do? – 覆Kero


Hi Zita,

I have read many of your writings
and I found that you have a very special point of view. I hope that
you can solve some of my problems.

I am a 32 years old woman without any love experience. Although I have
several men chase after

me on and off in these years,
I have not choose any of them. I tend to "like" people easily
but not dare to initial or say anything; cause I am too shy. Unfortunately,
all of those I "like" is not the chaser. Frankly I am very
afraid of having any relationship with a men whom I do not have feelings

Zita, I know that this is a very serious problem to me but what should
I do to solve it? I am already 32 years old! Thank you.


Dear Kero︰






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