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Dear Zita,

I have a boyfriend who's 3
yrs younger than me and we have been together around one and a half
year now. We met in Hong Kong but now he's living in Hong Kong and I
live in United State cause my family is here. I know that we can't keep
our relationship if we're separate, so when I still in Hong Kong, I've

asking him to move out with me since I don't have a place to live over
there and he agreed with me. Suddenly, he did not want to move out with
me later so I got mad at him and decided to go back to U.S. and he asked
me to wait for him.

After I came back to US, we still keep in touch cause I love him a lot
and I think he loves me too, we have planned that I will go back to Hong
Kong in few years and get married. We talk on the phone almost every day,
but sometimes he seems doesn't like me to talk about "our plan"
and he'll get mad at me. Recently, we have argued so much and he told
me that I push him a lot and he feels so stressful, he think that I should
not talk too much about get married with him and he doesn't want to get
married soon.

I'm so upset about what he told me and I feel that he doesn't love me,
but he said that he's not. If he want to break up, why he still try to
keep the relationship now? Actually, he did say that he want to break
up when we were arguing.

My questions is should I leave him cause I feel so insecurity now and
I don't want to waste my time and I have no confidence to keep our relationship
like that. Also, I feel he doesn't want me to go back to Hong Kong casue
he doesn't want to take the responsibility. I can't find the reason why
he did that to me but I think he doesn't have another girlfriend in Hong
Kong cause no matter what time I call him, he just let me know what's
he doing. I don't know what I can do now and I really want to know how
to keep our relationship now. Please help!!

Thank you very much!!


Dear ^v^︰





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