In danger – 覆Ann


Dear Zita,

Hello, I would like to ask
you something between my teacher and I.

MEET - I am a college student, and have met my teacher for two and half
year. He is 12 years older than me, hasn't being married. He taught
me the first year. Once he was sick,

I brought him medicine. In
tests, I often have high score. We never kiss, only once he touched
my shoulder.

The second year, we sent email and chatted on the net, and sometimes
went to his office.

PART - In 2001 Oct, I said
I will treat him as my teacher on ICQ, and later after a small meaningless
quarrel on ICQ, the next day he rang me to say we still can be friends.
I send an email to protest some unequal between us. A few days later
he came to comfort me, he said he worry I would suicide and he would
offer any help as a teacher.

WORRY - Since then, I never contact him anymore, and never ask for help,
though sometime I really need. In 2001 Dec, I sent him a blank greeting
card. Unexpectedly, he rang me and left message to say "Happy New
Year", even the recent Spring festival. If I went to the office
to find other teachers, he would later leave message to ask how am I.
Sure I say I'm fine. He is studying the doctor degree now. Is there
a conflict between me and his career? His hometown is very poor. Whether
he judges me as a stone on his way? What is his real purpose to be so
gentle to me? He doesn't want me to tell out our things, because most
people won't think it's decent? And if I suicide, he will have to take
the responsibility. Will he do harm to me at a certain time? Now I often
drink wine at home. My parents don't know this case from beginning to
end. I have never hidden my feeling like this, and have never felt sorrow
and frightened like this.

Thank you for reading my long letter.

Sincerely yours,


Dear Ann︰