Dear Zita,

I have read you messages for
a long time and enjoy reading it. I have the following problem, and
hope you can give me a little comment.

I know a man for around six months, on the first few months, we treat
each other like a friend, he pick me up after work every week, we went
to have

dinner and movies once a while.
He invited me to have dinner and party with his friends, his friends
think I am his girl friend, however, he never say a word that I am his
girl friend.

He gave me gifts after his vacation trip, and gave me X'mas gift. Of
course, I have returned birthday and X'mas gifts to him. On X'mas and
New year this year, he invited me to his family gathering. At that time,
I know his brothers and mother. I have a great time with him and his

The last time we have together with him was in his New Year family gathering,
after that day, his disappeared, I have called him once, but he did
not return my call, up to today, we have not contact with each other
for around two months. I know he is fine but don't want to see me.

I have the following questions:

Did he treat me as his girl friend even he did not say anything?

I don't know why he disappear without tell me a word, what should I

Should I keep waiting for his return?

I keep think I create a problem so that I (he) did not want to see me
or his mother don't like me. I hope you can tell me what should I do.


Dear Mary︰