Hi Zita,

This is my 2nd time writing
to you. I hope you can advise me again this time.

I live in Vancouver, and my bf lives in Toronto. He is 7 years older
than me. We met online and we have never meet each other. Last X'mas
(2001), we promised each other that we

would go back to Hong Kong together so we could finally meet each other
after 2.5years of online relationship.

I bought my flight ticket a long time ago because I was afraid that I
couldn't get one later. Then I couldn't meet him. However, his action
was totally opposite from mine. He didn't book his ticket till the week
before I leave. His departure date was going to be Dec27, so by the time
he gets to HK, it would already be the night of Dec28. I was so disappointed
because I wanted to see him for a longer time. (I was going to leave HK
on Jan1.) Therefore, I was silent on the phone and hoping that I could
"urge" him to get a ticket that's earlier.

Things even got worse. We didn't talk to each other for a while before
I departed. I sent him many emails, but he didn't reply any of them. I
thought maybe he would call me when I got back to HK. Unfortunately, not
only that he didn't call me, but he also sent me an extremely brief email
telling me that he's not going to go back to HK because he has too much
stuff to do. That email was sent 2 days after I left Vancouver. I didn't
get why he has to tell me this late that he's not going back.

Also, that email was so brief...only 3 fragments. He didn't even bother
to apologize or feel guilty at all...

What should I do? Should I forgive
him once more? Should I find him again? Although I called him many times,
he never answer my call. Also, should I reply him? How should I react,
too? I think it's normal that I should yell at him and get mad...but I
don't know why, the only feeling that I am having now is sadness.



Dear Adaptation︰