Personal space – 覆Campbell



It's my 2nd time writing you.
Hope you can help me this time again!

As I told you before on the 1st letter, I always wanted to see my bf.
I remember you asked me to be a more independent person, or else I won't
be able to "survive" in a relationship.

Now here's my another question. My bf is the kind of guy in need of a
lot of personal space, he may ask for even more personal space than a
normal guy. But I'm the kind of girl in need of a lot of attention. I
know my bf has been doing his best to accompany me for most of the time.
But sometimes he does get tired and sick of being with me almost every
day! We have fights about the issue for thousands times! And I have been
doing my best to be independent and more mature. I don't want to get into
this kind of fight in the future. I want a happy relationship with my
bf. We do love each other but only this personal space thing that we can't
compromise. Zita, could you help me out?


Dear Campbell︰






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