Dear Zita,

I've been together with my
bf for 1.5 yr. In this period, I've dated with another guy, lets call
him Y, my bf knew that and very depressed at that time. But I've left
Y because he is a playboy, though he is a really good lover. And I and
my bf has planned to get marry 2-3 yrs later. Things

happened like that, yesterday, Y called me. We've a nice talk, and he
wanted to have a date with me in these 2 days. Y is a professional, with
good pay, good prospect and social status, also with a stable gf. He is
the man whom I want…Do you think I should go out with him?

Besides, I've met my 1st love few weeks ago. He's married. But I still
have feelings on him. I want to keep in touch with him. Do you think I
should give a call to him? If yes, what should I say?

Please give me some suggestions, thanks a lot!

Best regards,


Dear Edith︰