Hope you don't mind I write
in English since I don't know how to covert to Chinese version and I
don't mind if you reply in Chinese.

I got married but my life is boring because I know my husband for a
long time. But I don't want to break up because he treats me so good.
To a

certain extent, a relation without commitment is quite appealing to me.

I met a man last year. He is a perfect man to me, rich, well-educated
intelligent, charming and humorous. Of course, he has lots of girlfriends
even thought he got married for over than 10 years and have two kids.

I knew he liked me but I did not do anything since I am a passive girl
towards relations. At last, he took action and I cannot resist him. Although
we are happy together, we know the situation or our position. We both
have a family and we don't want to lose our family. Thus, we recognize
we will separate in one day.

We are together for one year. At the first beginning, he spent a lot of
time on me and then we had an intimate relations after a few months. Gradually,
he does not care me as before (I don't know whether this apply to all
men). I tried to leave him but he will do something when he knew my intention.
So, I believed that he still loves me or just say he still wants to keep
our relations.

It does not mean that he loves me so much but I believe that he still
treasured our relations since I expect nothing or request anything from
him, no matter on time or material. I am quite understanding as I also
have a family.

But to a certain extent, I still
expect something when I really love him, like one call per day or his
care. But apparently he is no longer calling me everyday and the care
towards me is getting less. I won't push him because I don't like to do
this and I appreciate he will initiate to do this. Usually, I am the one
who wait for love. Two weeks ago, I decided to leave him and become indifferent
to him and he has not call me for one week. But I am missing him and I
want to keep a friend's relations with him.

Should I stop contact with him
or just keep a normal friend relations or be more proactive to get him,
does man also like somebody cares him? I know there are many girls around
him, I cannot own him or be the only girlfriend of him, can I just treat
him as a friend. I am wondering if I am always stand by him even he does
not have much time on me because his job occupies most of his time, would
he appreciate or he will just treat me as a fool. Pls give me some comment.


Dear Christy︰