I met a boy 2 yrs younger than
me 8 yrs ago while we were studying. We were very close friends (so-called),
but no matter other people or myself felt that he loves me. One of my
friend even found some evidences about this! Besides this, from our
daily conversations, I can ensure that

he did have fall in love with
me, but from my heart, I only recognized we were simple friends. He
never admitted it conscientiously, but just in a kidding way.

However, 2 yrs later, after we started studying in different schools,
his passion turned down. I discovered I had been loving him for a long
time, just I had not admitted it. I started testing him if he loved
me, but he seemed escape it. Finally, I asked him directly. He told
me that he was confused for yrs also. But he then thought our relationship
was not a love affair since he could also treat other girls like treating
me. Although I didn't believe his words indeed, our cool period ended.

Now, we still keep in touch, but it's another case. We are only friends
who just meet on special events, i.e. birthdays, x'mas, etc. But every
time we can talk about very close topics like close friends, except
romantic affairs.

After I started to work, sometimes I got love problems. Since he is
one of my few male friends, I like asking for his comments, but he usually
escapes my questions or ignore them. Why would he be so? Does this mean
he still can't treat me as normal friends? He said he had a girl friend,
but he seems don't like to talk about this topic. We now difficult to
say jokes to each other. I know the case has changed completely. We
have no lovers' feeling, but also have no normal friends' feeling. What
is it indeed?

Best regards,


Dear Chocolate︰