It is my first time writing
you. Hope you can help me out!

I've been going out with my bf for a little more than 2 years. Me and
my bf do love each other. However, I always wanted to be with him. But
he is a very "personal" guy. He needs a lot of his personal
time and space. We see each other for most

of the weekends but we don't spend time after
work on weekdays cos he got a lot of his things to do, such as gyming,
doing sports, meeting up with his friends. But I always wanted to be him
especially I was depressed after work. However, he always tells me how
important it is for him to have his own time.

In fact, he does encourage me to find out my interests and see if I can
spend some time on it. However, I find myself happy only with him. We
did argue about it for countless times but still we can't compromise at
some point. I know he's been faithful to me and not seeing someone else.

Zita, please tell me if my bf loves
me or loves to be with me. Sometimes I do doubt about his love to me and
started asking him if he really loves me. However, he started to think
that I'm just being paranoid and annoying. Please tell me if I'm too childish.
I want to be a real grown-up woman and develop a more mature relationship.

Hope you can answer all my questions!
Thanks millions!



Dear Campbell︰