I am currently doing my master
degree overseas. I have encountered a problem which bothers me a lot

My school supervisor had invited me to dinner the other night and I
thought it was just a normal social meeting. However, he started to
say that I am

the most beautiful girl he
has met over the last 10 years. He also told me that the one he met
10 years ago had an affair with him. Then, he asked me if we could go
out more and implied on having an relationship with me. I was totally
shocked because he is the most respectable professor in our department
and also a well-know economist in the country. Before that night, I
felt so lucky to have him to supervise my research project...but now,
I just feel like stepping in to a nightmare.

I tried to refuse him in a polite manner because I didn't want to make
a scene in the public. I told him that I'm married but he said he is
married as well, so it makes us equal. I told him that I love my husband
very much and I intend to value him. I don't know if he gets the message
because he still asked me to go out next time.

I really don't know what to do if he approaches me again. I know he
is influential and he is capable to fail me with any reason. I know
the school values him alot and there is a little chance to prosecute
him unless I have some hard evidence. I am ready to give up my degree
but I don't feel justified to give up my future for a jerk. Is there
anything I can do to protect both my value and interest? I need you
advice urgently because I have to meet with him again after next week.

Thank you very much for your kind advice.

A miserable student

Dear A miserable student︰