I coincidentally met a guy
at work and then he chased for me quite agressively 6 months ago. Then
we communicate well through icq and he started to date me. I knew he
had a girl friend though our conversation (but have no idea on their
relationship) and then I always refused his request to be out and

wanted to have more time to
think thoroughly. He suddenly disappear and said he wanted to cool down
for a while and said he was crazy for me but forgive him for his current
situation cannot let us together.

A month later, he came back again and date for me, meanwhile, I let
him know I did like him quite a lot. I did act a little bit abnormal
when facing him (which I don't think he liked that much), I guess he
was choosing between me and his girlfriend at that moment.

At his birthday nite, he was very touched on my preparation for that.
It seems he really like me more and imply we would be together in the
future. Later, he didn't found me for 2 weeks with an email only (though
he sometimes did this before). I was quite disappointed he has not planned
to see me in 1 out of 4 his mid-autumn festival holidays. I sent him
a mail and ask to leave and beg him to leave me alone. He claimed through
email that he was busy at transferring his mum to hospital (I know his
mum has cancer) and has no mood to think about that at that moment,
so no email and dating for me.

How coincidence is I saw him
with his girlfriend the day after his mail, then I sent back his gifts
for me to him and send a further mail to him and saying "everything
is past".

It is a month till now, and I always suspected my decision. I do really
like him and thinking he is suitable for me and we would be happy if
together. Be frank, I am always chased by quite a number of guys but
never thinking they are suitable except for this guy, I have such kind
strong feeling. (He is not handsome, not rich compared with my other
admirers, but he is smart.)

Last week, I saw him at street, (He didn't see me), I found I do really
like him. And I do think he is a good guy. What should I do? I don't
want to have regrets on this.

Queen's dd

Dear Queen's dd︰