Should I marry him – 覆June


I have been with this guy for
8 months. He is a perfect guy. Caring, smart, romantic, generous, faithful,
good looking, good job. Anyway, charming. And the most important, he
loves me very much. He is the best guy I have ever dated, or even I
have ever seen. I thought I am so lucky

finally I meet such a good guy.
Because I have been going through lots of bad things for 3 years. Like
my mom is very sick...myself is sick too. My ex dumped me because I
have too many problems in my life.

Just when I was enjoying my only luckiness, I found out something shocking.
After about 3 months we got started, we had our first time. And I found
out he could not do that. I mean sometimes he could, but most of the
time he couldn't. Even when he could, he was still kind of soft. But
I can tell he doesn't realize he has problem. And I don't know how to
tell him since this is very important for a man. I don't want to hurt
his feeling. So since that, I tried to avoid having sex with him. Because
I was tired to pretend I enjoyed that. At the same time, I had my surgery
about my female system because of my sickness. So I used that as an
excuse...till now. He doesn't know actually I am fine and healed completely.

Recently, he gave me some hints that he would like to marry me within
the next year. I know he is gonna propose sooner or later. I used to
love him for sure before I find that out. And now I get confused. Is
that because I don't love him enough? I am fine if my husband "cannot"
when he gets old. But I am not sure if I should still marry a guy if
I know he has a problem. He is definitely a good husband besides this.
I want to make up my mind before he really propose to me. What should
I do, Zita? Thank you very much.


Dear June︰







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