Should I get back to my ex – 覆Macy

Hi dearest

I was so confused. I really
need your help.

I was in relationship with my ex for 5 years long. But I was not loyal
to him and was in relationship with another guy secretly. Finally, he
discovered it, and then I broke up with him and

hang around with the new guy
naturally. But he didn't want to break up with me. He kept begging and
begging me for staying together, but I rejected again and again.

I broke with the new guy last month and ex is still keeping begging.
I tried staying with him for a week, but I found that I didn't love
him much as 5 years ago. I treated him very bad when I was with him.
When he kissed me, I didn't rejected, but when he wanted to have sex
with me, I couldn't help refusing, just didn't know why.

But hoestly (honestly), I often thought of him when we had separated.
When I had ups and downs, I thought of him first. When he said one of
his colleague wanted to be his girlfriend, I was mad. It seems that
I still miss him, do I? Anyway, we have been together for 5 years, it's
very difficult to forget him. I am 26 already, I am very afraid I can't
have another boyfriend if I miss him.

I am a very contradicted person, do you think so? Thank you so much
for reading my long email.



Dear Macy︰





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