I know my boyfriend for 4 years
and we are very best friend in the past. Six months ago, his girlfriend
dump him. We started dating each others for 2 months and we have a great
time. May be we have a good foundation from friendship to lovers.

I have so many relationship
in the past 10 years and he is the only one that can give me 'Mr. Right'
feeling. We almost want to get married too. But a month ago, his ex-girlfriend
call him and knew he is dating with me. She claimed that they never
broke up but only time for temporary seperation (separation) to calm
down. He told me he loves me and not love her anymore. I trust him.
Before we started, I asked him if his-ex gets back to him, what he will
do. He told me that he will never gets back to her. But after his ex
keep calling him everyday and he feel really frustrated. Even I let
him go to see her once to settle this matter and also let him have lunch
with his ex-mother either. What a Adam's family? I think it is just
the thing between their two and that's why I don't want to involve either.
I am so upset and hurt because this is the first time I truely (truly)
love a man.

In all my past relationship,
I only need to receive and no given out. I try to be very considerate
in this relationship. But turnout, he said he has to get back to her
& make her realize they cannot work out. I just don't understand
why he cannot just tell her the truth. I also dumped my boyfriend because
of him but why he cannot do the same thing for me.

Lui Lui

Dear Lui Lui︰