I am the third party – 覆Ching

Hi Zita,

I am being trapped in a love
affair which I'd never think I would get hurt like this in my life.

We are colleague for two yrs and finally fall in love 5 months ago.
I know he had a girlfriend already and living together as well. And
I am sure we really love each other in this moment.

He have to take his responsibility to his girlfriend cause they have
together for a long time. He told me he can't leave her except she leave
him first. But on the other hand he always want to see me and will try
his best to spare his time with me. Near weekend... my heart will falling
deeply because he have to be with her and even can't give me a short
call or leave any simple message to me.

Just like... a good relationship,
two real heart cannot going on smoothly than normal people. What I used
to face is waiting, waiting and still waiting for anything good new
fall into my dull and lonesome day.

My friends try to convince me not to continue such relationship like
this situation... it's abnormal and I will finally get hurt and hard
to stand up and face myself again. But you know... he is not handsome
nor wealth but the real thing is we really know what is happening with
us but the one and only reason is he have a girlfriend before I met

Should I continue? How can I face the disappointment when the weekend
is coming (or even he is on holiday)? How can I stop crying at night
and leave stupid message to him although I am like a fool talking to
myself? Would you recommend us to walk further?



Dear Ching︰







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