Did he play me – 覆Sandy


I 'm a 20 years old girl study
in university in Hong Kong (year 1). Recently I broke up with my boyfriend
who is 29 -30 years old (he is my summer job colleague). The relationship
only last about 2 weeks and he didn't found me anymore. I call him and
seems that he don't want to go out to see me and at

last, I ask him to go out and
ask what is the problem. He said he don't want to hurt me and ask me
whether I have consider before I do with him and say our age gap is
very large (9 years). He also said he don't have the time to take care
me, but I think this are excuses cos he knew I'm 20 years old before
he go with me and he said he don't mind I'm smaller than him 9 years.

I 'm very hurt and I suggest to become friends in the future. I think
break up is ok but why he said he will be together with me in the future
and will be married with me when I mature? Do u think he is serious?
Do u think he just want to play me? Do u think we will together in the
future? I know he is care about my education background cos he is only
F5 graduate but he said he don't mind. Zita, I really like him. What
should I do? (we don't have any sex during this 2 week) Pls help!


Dear Sandy︰





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