Hi Zita,

I have been married for 7 years.
I found out by accident that my husband has been emailing this female
friend regularly in the last 2 months. The content does not imply anything
romantic in nature. However, its frequency and the time of the day that
he emailed her made me very uncomfortable.

He would tell her about what he did over the weekend. They have met
for coffee and played tennis together. He told me about the tennis date
but implied that there were several people when indeed it's only the
2 of them.

We are having some marital problems and this relationship of his has
made me very uneasy. He has had other female friends and he feels justified
to have friends whether it's male or female. But I have always felt
that once you are married, it's best not to develop too close of a friendship
with the opposite sex. Am I paranoid? I cannot confront him because
I started snooping on his email so he would be very upset if he finds
out. Furthermore, I have done everything possible to please him and
be a perfect wife who gives him space. I cannot get this matter off
my mind. Please help.



Dear SK︰