Hi Zita,

Thanks for replying me last
time! But I've got another problem to ask you now……

As you may recall, I'm having a long distance relationship with my boyfriend.
That's why I know that I have to trust him even though I don't know
and can't see what he is doing.

Sometime I couldn't get contact
with him (like when he switch off the mobile) at the night time, I'll
be mad and suspecting that he will be doing something bad behind me.
But I'll try so hard every time to give him excuse.

This time, I also couldn't contact him for whole night and finally he
called me in the morning saying that he went to a nightclub with his
boss. He said he couldn't refuse his boss's invitation so he did go
to club where many pretty girls sitting next to him. He said his boss
and some of his senior colleagues really bought the girl for a night
to have fun but he said of course he didn't.

Of course I believe him he didn't do it for this time. But I'm so so
worry if he will do it some other time in the future. Cos I believe
he will go to this kind of place again with his boss later. Do you think
that a guy can go to this kind of place with a "healthy mind"
or I should say will you accept your boyfriend going this kind of place?
For myself, even he didn't have sex with the girl, I couldn't accept
the fact that the girl touch him or play around with him at the club.
I'm nearly mad, HELP!



Dear Ceci︰