I read your books but i still
can't solve my problems. So please give me some advice.

My boyfriend and i had been together for 5 months, and we broke up for
almost 4 months and i still can't foregt (forget) him. But he has another
girl in his mind already and

she's my roommate and she has
a boyfriend who is a friend of my ex-bf.

After I broke up with him, I said a lot bad things about him like how
bad he treats me etc to my friends (we are in the same ground, so my
friends is equal to his friends.). And of course, people said what I
said about him and he sent me email that he cannot understand me why
we are not together now and I still say bad things of him. And I replyed
(replied) him as i wanna acquit ,i don't want other people to think
he's a nice guy because he left me and hurt me.

Zita, do u think I have mental problem? I think if I can't be the one
he love, I want him to hate me, at least i am still in his mind but
just the suitation (situation) has changed from love to hate. Please
teach me what should I do.

Thank you for yr paitent (patience).




Dear LWC︰