I just broke with my b/f. I'm
now really sad. When our relationship just started, I didn't love him
so much cos I'm the kind of person who protect myself very much. But
we had many good talk and good communication. He treated me very good
b4 (before) and I started to love him and became serious. ?

However, just 1 month, he said
that the feeling with me is wrong. I really don't understand. He said
that he hadn't so strong feeling to other people b4 (before) me. Now
he said that he knew that girl 6 months ago and had a crush on her but
she left. Now he met her recently and all feeling came back! He just
explained that crush is nothing new to him. So he thought that the feeling
to me MIGHT BE love. People warned me that he's a playboy but I just
'trust my feeling' and it failed. ?

Now I still can see him everyday
cos we live in the same accommodation of campus. Friends told me that
I look very okay and good. But I know myself, I wake up very early these
days and cried in my room. He seems that he still want to be friend
with me (maybe as he's a white guy) but I cannot pretend nothing happened.
Do u think that I'm wrong? What should I do now? Am I stupid that I
should not miss him or love him? I know I cannot do anything to change
him. I just want to know that, can a person love two people at the same
time? Thanks! ?

sad June

Dear sad June︰