I discovered my boyfriend email
to the girls from the online friend net and told them that he's alone.
And also, some condums (condoms) were disappeared after he came back
from China. Although he'd explained to me about why (he borrowed that
to his friend), I still feel uncomfortable. He's lying on me (this is
what in my mind). What should I do?

He needs to go back and forth to China for business. Both of us cannot
escape this. Everytime he went back there, he would give me several
calls and told me where he was and what he's gonna go afterward (for
sure the Karaoke and saunna). Well, everyone knows about what kind of
those places are. And he sweared (sworn) that he never did the "bad"
things there, he said that the reason why he gave me several calls a
night when he was in China is because he wanted me to know what's happening
over there, and plus, he kept on emphasizing that it's impossible for
him not going to those places. What do you think of his explaination

He complained that I don't trust him and got no confidence on him. Seriously,
I told him that I don't know how to be confidence on him. We are planning
to get marry next year. But now, honestly, I feel really uncomfortable
when he's in China coz my mind would always pop up those bad things.
And I don't want to keep on mentioning this in front of him since I
don't think this can help, but only getting things worse, and I don't
want to ask him whether he had sex with the girls in Karaoke or not
when he get back from China.

Zita, please advise, thank you.



Dear Bell︰